Why buy a static proxy


Static IPs

More than 700,000 data center IPs means covering more regions and better meeting your business needs.

Transparent Billing

Unlimited Flow

Billed by time, unlimited traffic, which means you can grab any content at any time without worrying about additional charges.

Precise Positioning

City Level

Easily access fixed addresses in more than 30 countries/regions, and support up to city IPs.

24/7 Support


Experienced customer service personnel provide round-the-clock business support through WeChat, QQ and phone, etc.

Static IP: A Brief Overview

Data center agents are more stable than residential IP. The IP address of the data center is fixed, and users can choose daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly services according to their needs.

Why use data center IP?

ipidea provides a data center agent with exclusive geographic location, with high scalability options, which can be used to specify the business needs of the target country, and ensure a high success rate to access the network at the fastest speed.

IP availability> 98%

Unlimited concurrency

Zero bandwidth and target limit

Fast response time

How does IPIDEA obtain the static IP of the data center?

IPIDEA builds itself and strategically cooperates with a number of data centers. The servers are deployed in Hong Kong, Singapore, the United States, Canada, Europe and South America.


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