Why Choose IPIDEA's Datacenter Proxies

700K+ Datacenter IPs

700K+ worldwide Datacenter IPs meet your business needs better.

Transparent Pricing

Charging by duration and number of IPs put no extra cost for web scraping.

Precise Positioning

Easily access to data center IPs in 30+ regions and locate at a city-level.

24/7 Support

Dedicated account manager provides round-the-clock service.

Proxy Solutions For Your Needs

A Brief Overview of Datacenter IPs

Datacenter proxies includes fixed IP addresses which have stable and powerful internet connections, along with high uptime. You can choose daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal service plan according to your needs.

Why Use Static Datacenter Proxies?

IPIDEA offers exclusive geographic locations, as well as high scalability options, which can specify the target region at the same time ensure a high success rate and a faster speed while accessing the web content you need.

How Does IPIDEA Source Datacenter IPs?

IPIDEA builds his/her own and strategically cooperates with data centers. The servers are deployed in Hong Kong, Singapore, the United States, Canada, Europe and South America.


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