Mail Protection Agent

Proxy server responds to cyber attacks and perfectly protects sensitive communications


High speed performance

A certain speed is required to protect email security. The slow speed will affect the possible risks of email search and cannot ensure the perfect operation of email protection. IPIDEA mail protection agent exclusive IP for your personal use to protect mail, to ensure high-speed perfect performance

Run all day

Mail protection services need to be carried out at all times, malicious attacks and threats will occur at any time, IPIDEA 7*24 hours of normal operation, all-weather detection to avoid potential risks of network attacks

What is the residential proxy IP?

Residential IP is a private IP address that allows you to select a specific country or city location and browse the Internet as a real user in that area

Defined as an intermediary that protects users from general web traffic, while hiding your IP address

Why do you need an IPIDEA residential agency?

IPIDEA has the most advanced and high-quality online data extraction network, which can easily switch between family residences and data centers according to your business needs

Custom Aging

Unlimited Switching

Fast response time

Unlimited Concurrent Requests

How to obtain residential IP?

How to obtain residential IP?

Get API — Whitelist authentication to obtain IP+port

User Auth — authentication password form, supporting multiple sub-accounts


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