90M+ IPs

Used by millions of crawlers to crawl web pages


Select IPs from any country, city, ASN or carrier


Used by more than 10,000 data professionals

24/7 Support

IT specialists are 24/7 availa -ble for technical support.

Dynamic Residential

More Than 90 Million Residential Proxies From All Over the World

1 Custom duration & period

2 Unlimited concurrent sessions

3 In-house rotation & private proxies

Static Exclusive

Stable, Safe, High-Speed, Unlimited Bandwidth Datacenter Proxies

1 Unlimited traffic & domains

2 Support HTTP(S)/SOCKS5

3 Country and city-level targeting

Data Collection Solutions For Your Needs

Powerful Dashboard

Obtain and view information through the dashboard at any time. Perform traffic statistics, check balance, query transaction history, manage whitelists and authenticate accounts within one site.

Scale with Us

Boost your business with our proxies with high uptime, absolute accuracy, 90M+ IPs in 220+ worldwide regions, quick responses and unlimited concurrent requests.

Use Cases

IPIDEA's proxy network includes 90M+ IPs and grows rapidly. Born for developers, we have established strategic cooperation with trustworthy partners to provide clients with higher quality IP proxy services.

Real-Time Crawler

Collect data efficiently. IPIDEA offers companies on-demand data collection service and saves thousands of business cost. Assist top leading institutions in marketing campaign and conducting academic research.

IPIDEA Escorts Your Internet Business

Intimate Business Reminder

Balance notify, limitation notify, expiry notify, etc. The reminder escorts the normal running of your business.

Programming Language Demo

Various common crawler programming language code samples and API parameter notes ensure that you can get started quickly with IPIDEA.

Data Statistics

Comprehensive insights into the background database, support exporting national and regional codes as well as accessing records.

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